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Randy Raine-Reusch - Press Clippings

Vancouver Jazz Fest with Barry Guy and Mats Gustafsson

  • A master of eclectic East Asian wind and string instruments more --->  One Final  
Mei Han & Randy Raine-Reusch Duo
  • Han and Raine-Reusch have redefined the zheng, and challenged the world of traditional Chinese music in general. Together they have invented new tunings, developed new fingering techniques, expanded old structures and created radical new forms of expression on this ancient instrument. China Daily, Beijing 
  • Raine-Reusch is a globetrotting visionary who is the only recognized occidental virtuoso on several oriental instruments. The Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Canada 
  • The Noah of musical instruments! David Grierson CBC-Radio 
  • Une musique elegant and sensible Le Soliel, Quebec, Canada 
  • Raine-Reusch's is a unique and beautiful music. Eumak Dong'a, Seoul, Korea 
  • Stunning virtuoso! Singapore Star 
  • Whenever Raine-Reusch performs, the audience sits in rapt attention, almost afraid to breathe. A unique experience.  Miscellaneous Magazine, Manila, Philippines 
  • He played music that transcended all influences.  The audience heard a sound so mysterious, sensual, and stirring. The Manila Chronicle, Philippines 
  • Raine-Reusch, the peripatetic composer who finds beauty in all forms of music. The New Straights Times, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
  • The music of Randy Raine-Reusch is a tonic for jaded ears. As refreshing as a glass of Perrier on a dog day afternoon: as startling as that first glimpse at a leaf under a microscope. The listener is at once soothed and stimulated, and ultimately carried away on a journey of discovery. The Sunday News, Philippines 

Bamboo, Silk & Stone - with Jon Gibson, Stuart Dempster, Jin Hi Kim, William O. Smith, Barry Truax 

  • Truly Wonderful ...very top of my home play list!  The music reaches right out of the electronic media of playback equipment and grabs you and pulls you in. more --->David Mott - Musicworks 
  • His genius is an ability to focus the listener’s attention onto microscopic strata of timbre...I feel I’m not merely listening to sound, but listening to listening. more --->Mack Hagood, Far Eastern Audio Review 
  • This ambitious CD showcases just one of the many facets of the extraordinary Vancouver musician, bandleader, composer, instrument collector, World Music activist and scholar, Randy Raine-Reusch.  “Bamboo, Silk and Stone” contains eight compositions featuring Randy’s masterful playing of of six Asian zithers from his collection. more ---> Anrew Timar, Wholenote 
  • Raine-Reusch teams brilliantly with hard-core new music stalwarts like trombonist Stuart Dempster, and Jon Gibson.  more --->  Signal to Noise 
  • Raine-Reusch’s approach is serious and open to experiment. more --->  Clive Bell - The Wire 
Distant Wind - with Mei Han 
  • Their playing is nothing short of extraordinary...Mei Han and Randy Raine-Reusch remind us that the best conditions for improvisation begin first with the soul and then with intuition.    Alan Jones, One Final 
  • This is strong stuff  Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight  
  • The album simply has deep soul.     Chris Wong, The Vancouver Courier 
  • Distant Wind contains sounds intriguingly different from what the Western ear may be accustomed to.    Craig W. Hurst - 
  • A highly accessible and attractive album of zheng duets.   Clive Bell, The Wire, Dec. 2001 
  • An original and quite remarkable set of compositions   Paul-Emile Comeau, Global Rhythm, Aug 2002 
Driftworks - with Pauline Oliveros
  • Challenges the listener to engage in "deep listening,"  more  ---->    
 Gudira - with Barry Guy and Robert Dick
  • Their engrossing three-way conversations produce intense musical rapids that threaten to engulf the listener  more --->  The Wire 
  • A recording of monumental proportions and implications more ---> All About 
  • A tone feast for the ears!  more ---> Jazziz 
  • Some of the most impressive moments on the CD reflect the interplay of Raine-Reusch and Barry Guy, where, for example on the impressive "Ideareal History", they wrestle for an extended session of unmitigated bliss.. more --->  Cadence 


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Raine-Reusch - Distant Wind CD with Mei Han
Distant Wind
Raine-Reusch - Bamboo, Silk & Stone CD, with Teitelbaum, JH Kim, Dempster, Bill Smith, Truax
Bamboo Silk Stone