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Pensol - Semang nose flute
This is a very well crafted nose flute from the Semang people of Central Malaysia. The pensol is a very thin and quiet instrument. It is unique from other Malaysian nose flutes, in that the last hole is very close to the end of the instrument thereby making the first interval a minor second. Pensol are very rare instruments, and this one was given as a gift to Randy Raine-Reusch in 1989 at a festival of traditional music in Malaysia. The Semang people are a type of nomadic pygmy that used to range throughout Southeast Asia, but now number less than a few thousand and live in a government-protected area in central Malaysia.

Country: Malaysia
Region: Asia
Type: flute

Pensol - Semang nose flute
©  R. Raine-Reusch, Jan. 1999