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Ohe Hano Ihu

The Ohe Hano Ihu is a three-holed nose flute from Hawaii. It is made from a much wider diameter of bamboo than those found in South East Asia. This is a very beautiful instrument although it is capable of only one octave. Like most nose flutes it was traditionally used between lovers. The ohe hano ihu is almost identical in construction to the nose flutes of other Pacific islands such as Tongo and the Marshall Islands were it was also used to calm the nerves of someone getting a tattoo. The ohe hano ihu is undergoing a revival and many professional musicians are taking an interest in the instrument again. It is one of the few nose flutes that can be purchased easily online.

Country: Hawaii
Region: Asia
Type: flute
Ohe Hano Ihu - Hawaiian Nose Flute
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