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Selingut, Selingup, or Keringut - Kejamin

A five holed nose flute of the Orang Ulu of the interior of Sarawak, a Malaysian Province on the northern coast of Borneo. The version pictured is from the Kejamin people of the Belaga region. It used to be played during funeral ceremonies to converse with the dead. In some regions it was also used between lovers, as it's soft beautiful tone carried surprisingly well through the night air. The nose flute has almost totally disappeared in the region, with only a few surviving players in the Baram River system of Eastern Sarawak. There are some efforts to revive it in the western part of Sarawak. This instrument was collected in 1989 at Kejamin Lhasa Belaga from a woman player.

Country: Sarawak, Malaysia
Region: Asia
Type: flute

Selingut -Kejamin Nose Flute
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