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Selingup, Selingut, or Keringut - Kayan

A five holed nose flute of the Kayan people of the interior of Sarawak, a Malaysian Province on the northern coast of Borneo. This instrument was a gift given by Mering Jok, an excellent nose flute player from Long Laput Baram. A recording of his brother, Ajang, playing the selingup in found on Sawaku, Music of Sarawak, Pan Records 2067CD, recorded by Randy Raine-Reusch. Mering and Ajang are two of the last good nose flute players in the region. Nose flutes in Sarawak were traditionally played by both men and women, as part of the courtship process, and also at funerals to appease the spirits of those that have passed. This instrument is thicker and shorter than neighbouring Kejamin instruments, but has the same sweet sound, and is capable of two octaves.

Country: Sarawak, Malaysia
Region: Asia
Type: flute

Selingup - Kayan nose flute
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