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Ney, nay, or nai - Egypt

The ney is the oblique rim blown flute common to the Middle East, and used in classical, folk and religious music. It is believed to have originated in Egypt over five thousand years ago. The Museum in Cairo shows some very primitive neys that bear striking similarities to instruments that are found in Egypt today. Egyptian neys usually are made from plain cane with seven sound holes, and do not have a mouthpiece like their Persian or Turkish cousins..Although an excellent ney player can play in any key on a single instrument, most musicians have a set of at least seven ney in different keys for the ease of playing. Neys are played by blocking off the top of the instrument with the lips, while blowing against the inside edge. Neys have a beautifully distinctive sound, and even though difficult to learn, they remain popular in both the East and West.Country: Egypt
Region: Middle East
Type: flute

ney flute - Egyptian
Ney - Egyptian
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