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Maceno, Maceño, Mohoceño, Moseno
The maceño is a duct flute played by various indigenous peoples of Bolivia. It has two connected bamboo pipes. The thin pipe houses the aperture and runs one half the length of the larger pipe. The large pipe forms the main body and contains both the fipple and fingerholes. Traditionally these instruments are quite large with a deep tone, but the tourist industry has created a much smaller instrument, usually painted with very bright colours. Maceño were traditionally played in ensembles, with the melody hocketed between the musicians. Contemporary styles have instruments playing together in parallel thirds, fourths or fifths. There are five main fingerholes on the maceño and one extra hole that is often not used.

Country: Bolivia
Region: South America
Type: flute
Maceno, Maceño, Mohoceño - Bolivian flute
Maceno, Maceño, Mohoceño
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