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The kecapi is a common name for Indonesian zithers that come in a number of shapes and sizes and knwn locally by a number of names. Kacapi are mid-size box zithers from West Java. The sound of the kacapi has become quite well known around the world due to the popularity of Sundanese kacapi suling music. Often a smaller version of the kecapi is called a siter. The player usually sits either to the right side of the instrument or at the end of the instrument, plucking the strings with the thumb and fingers of both hands. Sometimes the hands play independent interlocking parts, while at other times they may play passages in octaves. Some contemporary works have demanded the kacapi perform very intricate and rapid solos, and virtuosic techniques for this instrument are still being developed.

Country: Indonesia
Region: Asia
Type: zither

kecapi Indonesian zither
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