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Ruding - Kenyah, Kayan

Ruding are jaw harps of the upriver peoples of Northern Borneo. The Kenyah and Kayan ruding are made from either palm stock or brass. These ruding are now extremely rare, as they are very thin and fragile and are no longer made. These instruments were collected in Sarawak in the 1990s, but some are believed to have come from northern Kalimantan. Ruding were used as a personal instrument and in some longhouses for courtship.

Country: Borneo - Malaysia and Indonesia
Region: South East Asia
Type: jaw harps
Palm stock ruding - jaw harp from Borneo
Two palm stalk ruding with carrying case.
The case is made from bamboo and carved in the local style.
Brass ruding - jaw harp from Borneo
Five brass ruding with a carrying case
made from wood and twine.
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