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Ruding - Kejamin

The ruding is a jaw harp found in the interior of Borneo played a by a number of the indigenous peoples. This instrument is from the Kejamin people and was collected in 1989 at Rumah Kejamin Lhasa on the banks of the Baram River in central Sarawak (Borneo), Malaysia. Unfortunately, this longhouse was vacated due to a large damn being built along this river system. Made from palm stem and traditionally used for courting, the advent of Christian missionaries throughout the region, the onslaught of modern culture and the influence of the Islamic-based Malaysian government have unfortunately eradicated the traditional courting rituals, and as a result this instrument was one of the last of these jaw harps to be found in this region.

Country: Borneo - Malaysia and Indonesia
Region: South East Asia
Type: jaw harps

Ruding - Kejamin jaw harp from Sarawak
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