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The jinggong is the jaw harp of the Bidayuh people of Borneo. Originally used for courting, these instruments almost totally disappeared with only one instrument remaining in Sarawak in 1996. Fortunately a maker was still alive, and six new jinggong were commissioned, one for this collection, and the others given to the community and local museum. The interest in the instrument grew so quickly, however, that the maker had to soon make dozens for musicians in the community. The instrument is now no longer in danger of disappearing, and is being made in such numbers that three are now in this collection. All are hand fashioned from rather thick brass. The first commissioned instrument was rather quiet, but subsequent instruments are substantially louder.

Country: Borneo - Malaysia and Indonesia
Region: South East Asia
Type: jaw harps

Jinggong - Bidayuh jaw harp from Sarawak
©  R. Raine-Reusch, May 2002