UME - Mei Han & Paul Plimley

A series of musical haiku by two master innovators and improvisers, ;zheng virtuoso Mei Han and piano luminary Paul Plimley. Meeting in the moment, they create a rich and original musical language that spans the boundaries of culture and music.

Mei Han, zheng
Paul Plimley, piano

"Their fluid rapport keeps all options open, leaving the listener with the idea that the music can go anywhere at any moment." Point of Departure more --->

"Ears wide open...Ume is an album which possesses both depth and (relatively speaking) user-friendliness" Clouds and Clocks
more --->
"These improvisations are so well crafted and balanced that it is as if each musician is instantaneously composing a part that fits perfectly with the other". Far Eastern Audio more ---> 


PLB1. Terra Mova
2. Silken Steel
3. Dancing on Hot Colds
4. Echoes of Bela
candle 5. Candle Dried Leaves
6. For Time Is
ume 7. Ume
8. Into the Outer
9. Emptied Diligence
10. Change of Dream
blue 11. Blue Now
12. Matter into Waves
13. Interval of the Avatar