Moonphase Compendium - Melodic Energy Commission

Space  Rock / Otherworld Music

A compilation of Melodic Energy Commission's first two albums: Stranger in Mystery, released in 1979 and now a cult classic due to the two Hawkwind alumni that played with the group, and Migration of the Snails, released in 1980 with the same great response. The original vinyl was selling for $1000 a copy so in 1997 they were re-released in this one classic recording.

Xaliman: vocals, others
Paul Franklin: percussion
Mark Franklin: bass
Randy Raine-Reusch: world instruments, dulcimer
George McDonald: guitar, theramin
Del Dettmar: synth
Chris Gretch: Congas
Kathleen Yearwood: voice
Paul Rudolph: bits and bytes

If you like to experiment with your musical tastes, Captain Beefheart and Gong territory is a start but these guys seem to take that further on into the mind!
Acid Attack Music


Plight of the Dodo
Rider From Nempnett Thrubwelle
Migration of the Snails
Off on a Current
Gastropods in Transit
Doorway into Summer
Silver Spider
Stranger into Mystery
Day on Gate Street / Then Night
No Familiar Planets Tonight
Song of the Delatron
Revise the Scene