Distant Wind - Mei Han & Randy Raine-Reusch

New Directions for Chinese Zheng

Five thousand years of Chinese musical traditions combine with those of New Music, World Music, and Jazz.  The first recordings of works for two zhengs. 

Mei Han: zheng, bowed zheng
Randy Raine-Reusch: zheng. bowed zheng, ichigenkin, hun, bili, sho
Laurence Mollerup: acoustic bass.

  • Skillful and forceful! The Wire, 
  • This is strong stuff! The Georgia Straight
  • Juno Award Nominee, West Coast Music Award Nominee
  • #1 Canadian College International Music Charts

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  DW 1. Distant Wind - zheng duet
2. Nokoto - two zhengs & bass
FR 3. Forest Rain - two zhengs & bass
DD 4. Dragon Dogs - two zhengs & bass
cloud 5. Clouds in an Empty Sky - zheng, sho
TC 6. Tokyo Crows - ichigenkin, zheng & bili
7. Black Zheng - bowed zheng & hun