Water Women of Vanuatu

One of the most amazing traditions in the world!

The water women of Vanuatu drum on water, while singing and dancing. A mesmerizing tradition that still continues in the magical isles of Melanesia. Now available for tours to festivals around the world. They have already performed to wildly enthusiastic audiences at the Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia and numerous festivals in Australia.

On tour to festivals worlwide, or anywhere there is waist-deep water!


Water women

An ancient women's practice that mimics the sounds and daily practices of their tropical island home, with songs titles such as "Waves Crashing on the Beach" and "Big Whale". Dressed in exotic jungle leaves the women enter the water singing and then start to drum hypnotically upon the water, creating a unique sound unheard in any other music.

In many instances the men of the village stand on the shore and answer with other songs accompanied by log drums, shakers, and stamping sticks.

There is an innocence to this music that touches your sole and leaves it grinning.